What next?

Posted by herronjo at 9:32 PM on 4/5/2018 EST:

I already know, I just want to hear what you guys have to suggest so I can ignore them and then later actually add them and then think I had the idea all on my own when I really didn't. Like editing posts.

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More Notifications please.

* "load more" on home page
* delete your posts
* text boxes being the width of the screen instead of less (comments) or more (posts)
* formatting (if there is already formatting, a formatting guide to know how to use it)
* details on home page (time and user along with post title)

* notification when someone comments on your post

Scroll bar in posts
Also add a real fuggin profile pls

* require post title to contain at least one non-whitespace character

Fix the id issue herronjo
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