STiBaRC Records catalog update

Posted by alluthus at 6:18 AM on 10/31/2022 EST:

For those who care...

The discography of the STiBaRC Records label and its imprints have recently been released to more international digital streaming services.

Additionally, the following have been released to more U.S.-based stores:

SA-46 Dreams (2021 re-issue) - Bunnbuns (STiBaRC Records)
Drops - Morkle (STiBaRC Records)
Midnight Party (From the Game "Ketchup the Banana" maxi) - Alluthus (STiBaRC Records)
Not a hype single at all - herronjo (STiBaRC Records)
Urban Groove (2020 maxi Reissue) - Alluthus (STiBaRC Records)
LIFE (Game Soundtrack) [Deluxe Reissue)- Alluthus & Isaac Shea (JM3 Music / STiBaRC Records)

As previously stated, future releases will be released internationally, unless otherwise stated (i.e special region-only releases).

The following releases will stay region locked:
SA-46 Dreams (Original 2020 release) - Bunnbuns [Reason: Reissue available internationally)
アルトゥス (Japan Edition) - Alluthus (JM3 Music) [Reason: Japanese release]
LIFE - Alluthus & Isaac Shea (VERSO RECORDINGS; now under JM3 Music) [Reason: Deluxe reissue is available internationally]
Memory Lane (Original 2020 release) - Alluthus (STiBaRC Records) [Reason: Deluxe reissue is available internationally]
Firefly (Original 2017 release) - Alluthus (VERSO RECORDINGS; now under JM3 Music) [Reason: Remastered version released internationally)

All releases under the STiBaRC Records discography and its imprints have received metadata updates for digital stores to display. This includes producer, songwriter, label, distributor, photographer, exec. producer, etc. Future releases will include all metadata credits where needed.

Future STiBaRC Records releases' that are applicable will be MQA encoded. Past releases that are applicable will also receive MQA encoding. This will bring better master recordings and sound quality to certain digital stores.

you've reached this far, congrats.

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Sweet! Can't wait for the MQA encoding!

> For those who care...

Oh not for me then

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