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Posted by alluthus at 6:33 PM on 9/6/2022 EST:

Months after release, the <i>Alluthus</i> album will be getting a physical release! This is a big moment for STiBaRC Records as this will be the first physical release in the catalog.

Free copies will be given to members of the STiBaRC community who wish to have one; international included.

Release info:
Title: Alluthus
Artist: Alluthus
Catalog Code: STIB-0001
Barcode: TBA
Label: STiBaRC Records
Distributor: STiBaRC, LLC.

Track listing:
1. tranquility
2. wanted
3. tale
4. soul ashes
5. relapse
6. red thread of fate (赤い糸)
7. sinner
8. kanpai (乾杯)
9. fUcK off (interlude)
10. GUI GUI (グイグイ)
11. 24/7
12. Undertow
13. Skyline
14. music (ミュージック)
15. daijoubu (大丈夫)
16. Press Forward
17. K.M.D
18. Let Go…

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