Independent (Deluxe Edition) Unboxing video

Posted by alluthus at 1:33 AM on 6/24/2022 EST:

i have started a new hobby of collecting CDs, which is kind of odd considering there is digital music.

what's so cool about physical CDs though is the liner notes in my opinion. some credits from albums aren't included on digital versions, so you can at least see who produced the song, where it was recorded, who mastered it, played instruments, etc.

another epic thing is the bonus content! some releases include bonus content for physical copies; example being the disc two of live versions of songs from the album and a medley tribute.

the deluxe edition of Independent by Ai was only released physically, so that was why I got the copy. i could not find the global version of the album (served as her global debut following a publishing deal with EMI), so i got the japanese version.

i plan to collect more CDs from multiple artists, rather than just Ai.

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i doxxed myself so ur welcome

@alluthus when he doxxes himself

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