Beta STiBaRC/Web rollout

Posted by herronjo at 8:53 PM on 2/14/2018 EST:

The original STiBaRC web interface will be phased out in favor of the beta web interface ( shortly. The new interface will not function without JavaScript enabled. If your browser is not capable of JavaScript (I'd hope it is capable of such, otherwise you're WAY behind), then use after the rollout. It will host the old web interface.

Some benefits of the new interface:
-Loads faster, because of browser caching
-Removes that annoying "sess=" in the URL bar
-Retains sessions across browser tabs and restarts

Some downfalls of the new interface:
-Doesn't work on older browsers with no JavaScript
-You can't save the page
-Forgot to include the "bio" section of user profiles (Oops)

Some benefits of the old interface:
-Works on all browsers, no matter the age
-Doesn't require JavaScript
-Can save the page
-Has the "bio" section of user profiles

Some downfalls of the old interface:
-Has annoying "sess=" in URL bar
-Logs you out after you close the tab

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