making spaghet with verBo :

Posted by alluthus at 7:57 PM on 11/8/2021 EST:

hello all of stibarc. today we are going to make something real simple and easy, and that is spaghet.

since i am lazy after working and dealing with meltdowns of small children, my version is fairly simple.

all you need is spaghet noodles, some traditional prego sauce, hamburger, and some mild Italian ground sausage.

1. fill a pot with water and boil. add spaghet noodles. (i make the Italians cry by splitting my spaghet noodles in half bc I don’t have large pots)
2. get a cow, kill it and get some hamburger from it. fairly easy task, this has been done already for me and i got loads of hamburger from a cow my great grandfather butchered.
3. get your Italian ground sausage (mild). my father likes some “spice” to his spaghet and it’s actually kinda good
4. cook hamburger and Italian ground Sausage in pan.
5. once meat is cooked, set burner to low and dump your prego sauce. put a cover over it for a few mins, idk i let it sit for a bit and then move the meat around with a spatula
6. don’t forget about ur spaghet noodles. Once they aren’t brittle and solid and are soft and m o i s t, get ur strainer and dump the noodles into strainer over the sink.
7. return the noodles to the pot, or just leave it in the strainer, whatever you choose.
8. once spaghet sauce is heated and no longer room temp from sitting in your pantry or freezing cold from being in the fridge, serve with noodles.
9. enjoy.

what a very specific recipe, i know 😩. i take no responsibility for your undercooked meat.

i forgor, but add salt to ur noodles plz, not a whole lot but just a bit.

Instructions unclear, accidentally deleted most of your posts

aw damn @herronjo

@alluthus I know, it's irrecoverable too. Good pasta though!
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