STiBaRC's 4th Birthday! (+1 day)

Posted by herronjo at 12:34 PM on 9/22/2021 EST:

Happy 4th birthday to STiBaRC (+1 day since I missed it), everyone's favorite social media site that's totally not super barebones!

4 years ago yesterday, post number 1 was created.
3 years ago the new redesign was launched
2 years ago we promised a new redesign
1 year ago we had an essay contest and still no redesign
And today we still have no redesign!

However, this anniversary is special. This anniversary we hold the election for the new STiBaRC president, to be held on 2/6/2022! This year I want you all to campaign as hard as you can, and we'll vote in the new president who holds no power!

Have a great year all, and keep posting!

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