temporary return; notice for stibarc records:

Posted by alluthus at 11:38 PM on 5/10/2021 EST:

with the upcoming release of the second single off of the deluxe reissue of the life soundtrack, unfortunately “collaboration” tracks take up artist slots. in order to accurately provide credit to isaac, this slot was taken up by “alluthus & isaac shea”.

stibarc records is currently not on the label plan for the distribution service it uses. for other artists who want distribute under it to major stores, they will either need to pay for their own distrokid account or assist in paying for the label plan subscription.

it is highly recommended to use distrokid should an artist on the label decides to go with option one. metadata information is essential for digital tracks and distrokid is able to do send metadata information to stores.

if the members of the label wish to go with option 2, please contact me.

Does that mean Issac is a STiBaRC Record artist?

@Bunnbuns this release is not under stibarc records since all the tracks were made prior to stibarc itself even existing.

@alluthus I see
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