walter news 2: bridge causes friction between walterstan and the outside world:

Posted by walter at 2:18 AM on 4/29/2021 EST:

new bridge: around a week ago a new bridge was being assembled without the consent of the walterians and the government, and even though international court asked for them to stop, the men resumed construction until it was completed. the completion has been causing high stress on walter and his second in command officer.
walter has stated that while he isn't too happy with the bridge being here now, we'll just have to learn to enjoy it. although other sources claim that he considers the bridge "pretty fucking ugly."

this is still an ongoing story

threats: a week ago, the leader of mccurdystan threatened to invade our country, and while they technically have, no harm was done and they left after a few minutes. mccurdystan is in no way a threat and we plan to remain as peaceful as we can with them.

and now a list of the new residents:


this has been walter news. your #2 choice in keeping up to date on the politics and entertainment.


i honestly wrote this on, like, 6 hours of sleep and a long day of work, so cut me some slack
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