Posted by herronjo at 1:06 PM on 2/27/2021 EST:

I forgot to mention it, but STiBaRC MC is back online! Unfortunately I don't have the old world at all, but you do now have the choice between a survival and creative world!

By default you will be put in the survival world, but you can switch over to the creative one by typing "/server creative" in the chat, and you can always come back to the survival world by typing, you guessed it, "/server survival".

You also have the choice of playing on Java or Bedrock edition, thanks to Geyser! The server address is the same for both editions (, so you can just type that in. However, you still need a Java Minecraft account that you can log in to in order to use the Bedrock edition, as the server is still a Java edition server.

<a href="" target="_blank">Dynmap</a> is still up, but only for the survival world for now.

Have fun!

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@Bunnbuns Very constructive

@herronjo as always senpai uwu

@Bunnbuns Oh goodness oh hecc

when is STiBaRC private Fortnite server

@anonymous Yesterday, didn’t you hear about it in the news?
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