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Posted by alluthus at 8:45 PM on 2/16/2021 EST:

i decided to go to the grocery <b>S</b>tore. although a short distance away, my car experienced some rough <b>I</b>dling while i was stuck in traffic.

eventually, i finally was able to reach my <b>D</b>estination. i reached into my pocket and pulled out my list of items to buy. on it included bread, milk, butter, a case of water, apple juice, and <b>E</b>ggs.

i walked around the store and grabbed the items i needed, putting them into my shopping cart. while i was able to get everything i needed on my list, i really wanted some <b>B</b>ananas. unfortunately, i did not have enough cash on me. looking into my wallet, i noticed my credit card was not in there, most likely left next to my computer when i ordered a present for my mother.

taking my cart to checkout, i paid the man at the register for my items. i walked out of the store to my car and unloaded the groceries into my trunk.

<i>maybe next time, i'll be able to get bananas,</i> i thought.

and maybe i should not leave bank cards out?

@alluthus give me bananaS please. i am sTarvIng, But you hoARd it all for yourself. i Crave the banana, and yet you hold It juSt out of reaCh. Of cOurse, this is all an eLaborate story to spell something out.
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