behind the scenes of recording golden days:

Posted by alluthus at 12:37 AM on 3/18/2020 EST:

i've been lacking on my 1am essays. it isn't even 1am yet here in the states, but i figured i'd share it early.

my EP, golden days, is now out on most stores. recording them have been real interesting, let me tell you.

i use garageband to record my tracks. i typically start producing the tracks on my mobile device (because it is easy to use and some tracks feature loops). once this is done, i export the project to garageband for mac and do further edits (fade effects, editing, all that good stuff).

only one track on this EP was not recorded with garageband.

i began planning my debut album back in late 2017. originally, it was going to be an electropop / orchestra crossover type of LP called "infinite" (i'm sure some former fiber nova members know of it). by the time i recorded some of the tracks, i decided to ditch the idea of an album and instead recorded the life game soundtrack with isaac.

fast forward to the summer of 2019, i thought about recording music again. i started writing some lyrics and thought about sending them off to people i knew who could play instruments (since i don't own any instruments and can only play a bit of piano). i did share them with friends but never did tell them my interest of recording them.

preparing the release retribution (a set of poems i wrote) around december 2019, i decided to try recording tracks myself and got onto garageband and recorded some demos. by january, i already decided on the singles i wanted to release. when they were released last month, they mixed in with someone else's discography (on literally all stores). i had a lot of issues getting them on my own artist profile, so they just got taken down. after that fiasco, i decided on releasing an EP for the following reasons:

* to make up for the singles being taken down
* to release some older tracks i had recorded (one going all the way back in 2017)
* to have the original singles release on the same day

i selected "pop" as the genre for this EP. most of the tracks have some sort of "rock influence" though. if you want to be technical, this EP draws on pop rock, country rock and electropop. i always listened to punk rock "emo" music when i was younger, and country (a weird mix i know).

all of the tracks are instrumental, no lyrics. for my upcoming album, majority of the tracks will be instrumental.

the two singles from my upcoming album are included in this EP. the tracks are "aura" and "lost". both are kinda pop rock / rock-ish. majority of the LP will be in the pop rock genre, though there are some other genres mixed in like in this EP (the upcoming third single is a prime example).

i am so happy the ep is now out on stores. it will be on itunes in a few days (or weeks), but it is on spotify! listen here at <a href=""></a>

my favorite track out of them all is the title track :)

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