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Posted by alluthus at 12:11 AM on 3/6/2020 EST:

hello, yes. it is i, alluthus (aka verso). i got some news for y'all.

my third single will be released in april! I don't want to spoil too much of it, but know it's <i>way</i> different than the previous two. if you haven't heard the two previous singles, fear not! they will be coming to stores on 18 march under an EP.

<h2>wait just a second now!</h2>
i have been working on something for the past few months. 😳😳

when i announced my debut single, i said it was part of something that would be coming soon. it was going to be announced at the stibarc conference...

<small>...but now i'm going to tell y'all what exactly it is</small>



<h1>announcing my debut album!</h1>
yes sir and or ma'am. these tracks are part of an upcoming LP by yours truly.

i am so excited! i like to try new things, and recording music is something i've wanted to try. although i may not have all the proper equipment like the professionals, i am doing this simply for fun (and to promote STiBaRC by releasing these tracks under "STiBaRC Records").

a release date will be announced soon. for now, stay on the lookout for my EP coming to stores real soon.

Hoorah! Long awaited album finally being released!

STiBaRC Records coming soon.

@Anon 👀
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