extending critical updates for aurora mobile on older devices:

Posted by alluthus at 2:00 PM on 2/12/2020 EST:

since the end of the aurora beta, i ended support for devices running android kitkat and later on, android 5.0 (5.1 however is still supported) due to issues with older versions of system webview.

android 10 was released a few months ago, and i seriously doubt anyone here still uses a device with android 4.4 or even 5.0. i decided to be generous and fix aurora for older devices (especially with the whole domain issues a few months ago) so older devices now have all the latest features.

critical updates / patches are being extended for an additional year. users with older devices though won't be getting new / planned features that other devices running newer versions would. if you want these features, you can use a web browser (such as chrome and firefox) and go to the web version of aurora.

another good recommendation if your device is somehow still on android kitkat is to <i>upgrade</i>.🗿

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