New Web Beta

Posted by herronjo at 9:9 PM on 1/30/2018 EST:

A new version of the STiBaRC web client is now available at

This new one is based off of the app and no longer has that annoying "sess=xyzstuff" in the URL bar, meaning now you don't EVER have to worry about it again! Come back to the site, and you'll still be logged in! And it's superior since it can use the legacy search (until I make a new one).

Have fun!

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Wow, so cool

Oh, and now emojis work on the web version.

Oh, and now you can use the "Add to Home Screen" feature in Safari and get what comes the closest to a STiBaRC app for iOS. However, it is EXTREMELY buggy, and only works around 5% of the time.

It took quite a few tries to log in.

Fix the id issue herronjo
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