IPv6 support added!

Posted by herronjo at 7:37 PM on 11/14/2017 EST:

So, I updated things behind the scenes of STiBaRC, and added IPv6 support! Not that that means anything to any of you, but that just means STiBaRC is ready for the future of the Internet! Whenever IPv4 is phased out. Next to come is likely the profile pictures, which me and Ogelbeh have been planning. Then probably the Windows and Android app. Those will be announced on their respective release dates. Happy 'barcing!

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Maybe I'll remove those pesky 'sess' tags in the URL bar some day. Then you can bookmark all you want without those darn login page redirects after 24-hours.

ok sounds hot bb

This page has potential to become 4chan of the future

the 4chan*

Fix the id issue herronjo
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