STiBaRC IPFS Gateway!

Posted by herronjo at 9:14 PM on 6/30/2019 EST:

STiBaRC now supports the decentralized and open web by running it's own IPFS gateway! You can find the gateway at <a href=""></a>, and you operate it by putting "/ipfs/<hash>" at the end of the URL, like how most gateways work.

You can also find the STiBaRC website hosted on IPFS using the hash <a href="">/ipfs/QmUupECPo7eiSzJnojSSza5kGbUMBKrtiY9XifoQ3UjCmR</a>!

This gateway not only provides access to IPFS content, but also hosts content of its own, contributing to the decentralized web.

If you wish to add the STiBaRC IPFS gateway to your peers list, add "/ip6/2001:470:c177:2:216:3eff:feec:64af/udp/4001/quic/p2p/12D3KooWQABZX4kmEQTV2XXBTFvDK1Yrdz8DhJTLctyqnqr7QsHo" through the config file or your web interface.

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Bonus: the least convenient URL to access STiBaRC:
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