Guess what y'all

Posted by herronjo at 10:44 AM on 6/3/2019 EST:

You might notice something new on the site (app update to be pushed out). A whole new thing on the header. Yeah, a followers section.

Wait, what?

You heard me right, followers now exist! Just go to your favorite STiBaRC user's profile and smack that "Follow" button to start following that user. In your follower feed you'll start seeing content exclusively from people you follow - with none of that other junk from the other users of this site.

Of course, following with the motto of not having any favored posts, posts in the follower timeline are still in chronological order, and the global feed will always be the first thing you see.

Also, users will be notified when a user follows or unfollows them.

<span style="font-size:8px;"><i>Please follow me</i></span>

Also, if you don't like the new profile picture next to each person's name, you can disable that in the <a href="editprofile.html">"settings"</a> section of the site, formerly known as "edit profile". You can also disable it if it takes to long to load large comment threads.

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yay. what about ads for 3rd party clients? :P
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