Thoughts on a big project

Posted by herronjo at 3:39 PM on 5/13/2019 EST:

So, STiBaRC OS. It's coming along. That's not what I'm here about. I had a new AI project idea to follow in the steps of @Onegna the STiBaRC AI. An autonomous tank like thing with a pivot-able NERF gun and a camera. The AI can control it's movement, move the camera, and move and fire the NERF gun. The idea is to make a bot that can fight my NERF wars for me, and it aims at anyone and everyone it sees and automatically fires at them. Good idea, or no?

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What is this?

Good idea, but cost is always a issue...

elon was right, where doomed


Also, close enough @Onegna

Oh my

tell me more about STiBaRC OS
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