STiBaRC Firefox Extension

Posted by herronjo at 11:38 AM on 4/24/2019 EST:

If you couldn't see the big notification at the top, STiBaRC now has a <a href="" target="_blank">Firefox extension!</a> Now you can view the latest post without opening the site, and receive notifications when the tab isn't even open! It's even compatible with Firefox for Android! Google Chrome version possibly coming soon!

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Please do make a Google chrome version. Noobs use edge, old people use Firefox, and cool kids use chrome.

@benben3963 epic

@benben3963 I would do that for you, but i'm not paying the stupid 5 dollar fee just to publish a chrome extension that probably only you would use. Instead: on chrome, go to the firefox extension site, change ur user agent to firefox and download their .xpi file, rename it to .zip, unzip it then load unpacked extension.

Fix the id issue herronjo
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