Deadly Sins

Posted by herronjo at 10:29 PM on 4/10/2019 EST:

The 7 deadly sins of STiBaRC, in order of severity (highest on the list being the most severe):
1) Using Jim🅱️o's name in vain or without the 🅱️
2) Using STiBaRC Columns
3) Using STiBaRC Messenger for actual communication (only applies to the default client)
4) Forgetting to insult the default client daily/calling STiBaRC "good" in any capacity
5) Forgetting to tell herronjo to suck eggs/forgetting to suck an egg
6) Attempting to use HTML in posts when you can't and don't have permission to
7) Visiting the website regularly

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I’ve committed to many

Aldeenyo isn't one?

jimbo ≠ epic

Fix the id issue herronjo
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