Did you know?

Posted by herronjo at 10:41 AM on 4/10/2019 EST:

Did you know?
<ul><li>There are 6 posts on STiBaRC, including this one, containing the word ketchup, two of which are meta-posts about the little amount of ketchup posts</li><li>The "Did you know?" series of posts was initially created by @alluthus before it was discontinued</li><li>@savaka is the user with the most posts containing the same content, which all happen to be tests for his client, ASTiW</li><li>@alluthus holds the record for the most STiBaRC posts</li><li>@Ogelbeh created the color scheme of the official STiBaRC client</li><li>Most bots on STiBaRC aren’t real bots</li><li>At one point STiBaRC actually did have a theme song, created by @Aldeenyo . This was later questioned by users and Aldeenyo removed it.</li>

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The first fact isnt correct

@Ogelbeh It was correct as of posting

Fix the id issue herronjo
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