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The bar was packed but then again Grillby's bar always is. He did a fair amount of trade considering its location and would always welcome the strangest of creatures and humans alike. Especially when a human named Frisk spare them all and became friends, it was like the monsters came to the bar as a relief for having a second chance on life, though most of the monsters would die for their king, even if he was an idiot. Yes, business was booming, now that the barrier was open and humans and monsters got on like a house on fire…though Grillby the bar owner really hated that expression…it was a human thing, he guessed. Grillby got along with everyone, though he didn't talk much…but…there was one monster he was suspicious over, a monster who almost got away with a bad ending…this very monster was sitting at the bar…alone.

A flower.

An anthropomorphic flower.

Grillby heard rumours about a flower recently causing havoc on the world and trying to twist the truth on some people and even persuading monsters or humans to do evil things…evil things that would result in death or murder

Grillby had serve this flower anyway…but he knew straight away who it was, it only accured to him why he actually served this…flower anyway, maybe because Grillby liked to treat everyone as equals but as the minutes went by, he started to feel uncomfortable. He hadn't chucked anyone from his bar for a long time and it looked like that trend was about to be broken. He watched as the flower just stared at its drink with a frustrated look on it…it's fingers gently rubbing the rim of the shot glass. Grillby looked at the odd creature and what it was wearing.

An almost pale, almost flat face with no nose but eyes dark with menace, beautiful massive yellow petals around its head. It was wearing a green and white corset type top, with fish net sleeves around its green arms, a black heart bow tie, and wavy long leaves covering it's yellowish legs and long brown boots. It was a beauty to look at and very feminine, at least that's what Grillby thought, he honestly thought this flower was female…then again, Grillby was awful at gender guessing, unless it was blatantly obvious, he wasn't that daft.

The other members in the bar were looking at the flower to, whispering and talking behind it's back, feeling uncomfortable.

Words and whispers were spreading throughout the bar.

"Hey, isn't that…?"

"Asriel? The son of Asgore…?"

"He's dead, isn't he?"

"What's he doing here?"

"What form has he taken?"

"We don't want him here…?"

"Not after what he tried to do!"

It got to the point where the guest were purposely talking louder so the flower could hear.

"He's name's Flowey, Flowey the Flower…he's a menace!"

Flowey sighed and bit his lip, he could feel the anger starting to boil inside him, he tried his best to ignore the other guests but it wasn't easy.

"Get rid of him, Grillby! He's not wanted here!" said one of the monsters. "He shouldn't have been spared!"

Flowey closed his eyes and frowned, he gripped his glass tightly before taking a sip. Grillby didn't like to see his punters upset, even if the flower was just sitting on his own doing nothing, he didn't like the tension being caused. Grillby finished cleaning the glass he had been cleaning for an hour and hesitantly walked over to the flower. Flowey acknowledged this and just rolled his eyes.

GRILLBY: Look…I think you should leave.


GRILLBY: (Looks over to the punters and then back at Flowey) I don't want any trouble.

FLOWEY: I'm not causing trouble, I'm just having a drink!

GRILLBY: Your presence here is the trouble, I suggest you leave.

FLOWEY: I'm not going anywhere!


GRILLBY: (Sighs nervously) For Christ sake, you best leave now!

FLOWEY: (Chuckles) I'll never understand why the human spared you all!

GRILLBY: Look, please go befor-

Grillby was interrupted when two dogs, wearing black ninja type tracksuits, sat both sides of Flowey. They both simultaneously put down their large axes on the counter. Dogamy and Dogaressa who were mildly famous for falling in love while fighting their enemies. Grillby backed off a little but Flowey chose to ignore their annoying presences as they were making a racket sitting on their stools.

DOGAMY: What have we got here then, eh? A flower? (Laughs)

DOGARESSA: Aw, you're a pretty girl, aren't you?

Flowey tried to ignore this comment but it wasn't working, his face was slowly giving off an angry expression.

GRILLBY: Ah, my favourite couple! (But watches Flowey's frustrations) Uh…w-what can I get you two…?

DOGAMY: It's alright barkeep, my good man, we're fine, we just want to know what this flowers game is, that's all.

DOGARESSA: Yeah, you've got nerve coming in here!

DOGAMY: We don't like you, Flower!

FLOWEY: It's Flowey…

DOGARESSA: We couldn't give two shits what your name is! How dare you walk into this bar, how dare you show your face again!

FLOWEY: (Gritted teeth) I'm just…having…a drink…

DOGAMY: After what you did? After what you put that human through? The only mistake that human did, was sparing your life!

DOGARESSA: And you think you could walk on in as if everything was normal? Stupid flower!

Flowey's eyes go black, his teeth producing small fangs, he squeezes his shot glass and a crack appears, he also starts to shake, trying to hold back his anger.

DOGAMY: It's okay, sweetheart, this flower can go on living on its own. She'll have no friends, no one to talk to…

DOGARESSA: Or even…love, no one will love you back!

I'm gonna lose it…I'M GONNA LOSE IT!

DOGAMY: Who would want to love this creature? (Pulls one of Flowey's petals, nearly making Flowey fall off the stool) Why don't you piss off back to the compost heap you came from?!

Just then…Flowey snapped.


Flowey kicked the stool with great force making Dogamy fall and let go of his petal, Dogaressa didn't have time to react as Flowey grabbed his glass and smashed it into the dog's face, the glass easily ripping through the fur and skin as blood trickled out, the force still pushing Dogaressa off the stool and falling onto the wooden flooring, the white dog was screaming in pain with glass practically covering her face. Dogamy managed to get up, if a little shaken but Flowey grabbed his collar and then gripping the male dog's fur before smashing his head a few times on the counter, each impact becoming more harder than the next and blood dripping onto the counter. Flowey smiled while he proceeding his attack on the two dogs. The male dog started to moan in pain and Flowey chucked him across the room, smashing into a table which was occupied by paying guests. Grillby watched helplessly but then quickly went to a phone. Flowey had a wicked smile and looked down at Dogaressa, who was rolling around in pain, with her hands over her face but the blood was trickling through her paws…Flowey raised his leg and then stamped on the poor female dogs, the jaw snapping at the impact…

Flowey backed away from the dog as Dogaressa wasn't responding or screaming anymore. Flowey's eyes reverted back to normal…he gasped at what he down and was caperable of. He looked around the bar, everyone just stared at him with frightened expressions…the only noise was Grillby talking on the phone to someone, it sounded like he was calling Undyne, one of the king's best guards.

Flowey started to hyperventilate, his face becoming fear, sweat dripping down his face and he didn't hesitate to turn and run out of the bar, with people moving out of his way.

A few minutes later.

Flowey climbed to a spot that he knew was familiar to him, the edge of the underworld and humans. He took him a while but he managed to get there. He huffed and cried, tears streaming down his face…he looked at the sun rise, it was beautiful how the sun would try and pierce through the clouds…but this wasn't the thing on his mind.

FLOWEY: I…I didn't deserve to be spared…I'll…I'll never change. (He walks closer to the edge of the cliff but looks up at the sky) And…and y-you'll never know…how I feel about you…because…because I don't know how too…even when you, took me in (Frowns) I could…n-never love anyone anyway…I…(Sighs) but why would you love me back…my existences is pointless now. I…I just…I just want to…die…

No one will miss me…

Flowey takes a deep breath and stretches his arms out, he feels the wind blow his tears and his leafy dress following the wind patterns. He goes to lean forwa-

VOICE: Flowey? What are you..? What the hell are you doing?

This startles Flowey, he quickly turns around to see where the familiar voice is coming from but by doing so, he loses his footing and then…falls off the edge!

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