Ads and Privacy Policy Changes

Posted by herronjo at 10:49 PM on 3/25/2019 EST:

If you use the default client, you may notice the addition of ads at the bottom of the main, post, and search pages. Don't freak out. Those use STiBaRC Ads, a service created specifically for STiBaRC ad serving. It doesn't track you, and it knows nothing about you. And to reflect that, the privacy policy has been updated to remove the antiquated Google AdSense section that is no longer needed.

And if you don't like ads, that's okay, I don't either. So I've added a checkbox on the "edit profile" page to disable ads. Completely optional. Also Adblock Plus has already picked up on it in seconds and automatically blocked it. So there's that.

Details about STiBaRC Ads and running ads on it can be found <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>

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