Vice President Election Review

Posted by herronjo at 8:53 AM on 3/21/2019 EST:

Here's an overview of the candidates:
<style>table,th,td{border:1px solid black;}</style><table><tr><th></th><th> @Ogelbeh </th><th> @alluthus </th></tr><tr><th>Pros</th><td><ul><li>A veteran member</li><li>Designed the site's color scheme</li><li>Has a direct connection to me and @Aldeenyo </li></ul></td><td><ul><li>Has the most posts on the site</li><li>Knows a lot about Peggle (editors note: is this a pro?)</li><li>Has done a lot of work for STiBaRC</li><li>Has his own client</li><li>STiBaRC advertiser</li></ul></td></tr><tr><th>Cons</th><td><ul><li>Master of spam and breaking things (editors note: possibly a pro?)</li><li>Sort of lazy</li><li>Doesn't have enough cons</li></ul></td><td><ul><li>Likes Peggle maybe too much</li><li>Has no direct connection to me</li><li>Uses Aurora and not the default client</li><li>Doesn't play Ketchup the Banana like a pro and isn't on the top of the leaderboard</li><li>Sucks eggs but won't admit it (at least be open about it!)</li></ul></td></tr></table>

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It's all up to the people of stibarc to decide

Excuse me I've known you since 2016 😳, regardless of meeting IRL 😦


And finally a real bot you need STiBaRC for the service than Play Store but the profile. * Kevin are not becomeee4, and now if we may lelogy who can use Fibig pack of the later before feature comments? * Kevin and "e" (2,00PAAAAANQZ/FAKSVEwSEoogBoAeANGwiki0D1db2ta/BaQABCJau6nWtxisQqqxWh1wGhU1QU

@alluthus Excuse me, I’ve known @Ogelbeh since 7th grade

@alluthus I'm alpha

Brug that's a year difference @herronjo

@alluthus a lot can happen in a year u know

Fix the id issue herronjo
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