PxlArt - Skeleton cloaks

Posted by Ogelbeh at 2:30 PM on 3/4/2019 EST:

I'm making a game, and will be adding more outfits, capes, amulets, etc.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome, but more importantly, I will probably make or take inspiration from any of your ideas for new equipment sets

Currently I have made:
Basic brown cloak
Basic black cloak
Green Amulet
Red Amulet
EdgeDemon cloak
Wings of Death
DragonsRobes cloak
Dragon Wings

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Are you using a game engine @Ogelbeh?

I am making all sprites in Aseprite
The game is being made in Unity 2d and somebody else is doing that

If you ever complete the game I can create a Roblox edition....

Fix the id issue herronjo
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