For the sake of positivity

Posted by Ogelbeh at 10:50 PM on 2/27/2019 EST:

Everybody who comments will get a personalized compliment. No generic "you're cool" or "the world is better with you in it"

If you comment someone else's name or about a game/movie/song I will compliment them too.

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Borderlands 2

Peggle 2

@Verdiand You don't let things bother you. You don't need to prove anything. You're just being your best self and I respect that.
^ You're also me.

Borderlands 2 was a great game. I played it for up to four years straight, own the Xbox one download and three disk copies. The game has so much to farm anb the low drop chance makes everything feel just that much more rewarding.

@alluthus I think your dedication to peggle is astonishing and I envy your passion. You seem like a very positive person in general too.

Peggle is a good game. My mom and eldest sister are both awful at games, but peggle 2 gives them a chance to beat with a simple control scheme, excellent music and sound effects, and plenty of maps that can be tackled using various strategies and abilities

Consume pant

@herronjo you get along with a lot of people which is cool, and your project ideas are usually pretty interesting and would be worth turning into finished products

Ogelbeh, here compliment yourself :)

:) make me happy.

@ModernFeelsGames you're chill af dude. From what I've seen you're another good developer and your social skills are on point.

I try to learn a bit of everything and pick things up really fast which makes school easy. I'm also highly competitive and will dedicate too much time to practicing anything I can find a rival in.

@Benben3963 Mr. Hackerman [sunglasses] you're fun to interact with. You seem like you would fit laughably well in an overwatch fanfiction.

Most of these compliments are really similar. Our community needs more diversity. And I need practice being nice to people


Fix the id issue herronjo
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