Fucking hate meditation

Posted by Ogelbeh at 12:11 AM on 2/1/2019 EST:

One person's going "oh no I'm thinking again how do I make it stop?? ( QnQ)

The other responds with "just let your thoughts come and go. It'll stop on its own, you'll see. '\_(9-9)_/'

Why the fuck are your thoughts just stopping? What's that like? "breaaath innnnn. Breaaath ouuut. *I need to get some... * Breaaath ouuut."

I don't understand. What the fuck, what is your brain doing? You cricket cricket hollow headed fucks, explain yourselves.

I bet these people were just sitting down own day and then a mind reader flipped their shit and started telling random people to "meditate" just to see if there were others who could go full minutes without a thought. Then the government found out and told the aliens and the aliens were like "yeah that wasn't us. We don't fuck with your thoughts like that; you're dumb enough already."

Obama make the voices stop. And so he did. Thanks Obama now I can meditate.

Its lonely in my head.

Tldr: I don't understand how people who meditate can just not think about things and Obama is gonna teach us together.

Ps. The images I imagine or think about feel like they're on a second smaller screen that sits on top of the big screen which is my vision. And sometimes the cable gets loose and starts falling out so it gets static-y. Can ya'll relate? Where is imagination. Can you guys draw what your mind looks like as a room? My room is empty and dark. It's circular with no doors and I'm trapped watching these two big screens. Goodnight everybody! Xoxox

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