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Posted by herronjo at 7:24 PM on 1/8/2019 EST:

STiBaRC has switched to a more secure password hashing algorithm, SHA-512, for your protection. There has <i><b>not</b></i> been a problem or a breach of the password hash storage, <u>it's just a preventative measure.</u> For the time being, you can still log into your account using your old password, but it is recommended to change your password, or simply change it to something and back to what it was, to update your hash to the SHA-512 hash and prevent yourself from being locked out when we stop supporting the old hashing method on 4/1/2019. Thanks for using STiBaRC!

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What did you use before this then? 256?

@Bunnbuns Sí. I just wanted to put it at the highest it can go. Security.

it' all fake, april 1st people?

@JcgamesStudios It is not fake, I just chose that date because it's significantly in the future.

@JcgamesStudios If it were a joke I would have announced this on April 1st

Fix the id issue herronjo
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