Posted by herronjo at 8:50 PM on 10/15/2018 EST:

Now announcing the STiBaRC Gopher gateway!

Do you ever get tired of modern web companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Mozilla shoving HTTP and HTTPS down your throat, forcing you to use their standards and constantly oppressing your freedom to choose which protocol you want to use to receive information?

Well worry no more, now you can connect to STiBaRC and read all the latest posts through a protocol that predates HTTP, but is more recent than Telnet!

Using the Gopher protocol, you can surf the full list of STiBaRC posts, view the last 20 posts, view comments, and see every profile in existence, all in a hierarchical file and folder format!

Just download your favorite Gopher client (there aren't too many left), and tunnel on in to the STiBaRC Gopher gateway at gopher://!

Note: you can not log in, register, post, or comment from the gateway. It is purely read-only.

In case you don't happen to have a Gopher client on-hand, and are having a lot of trouble finding one (like I did), try this online version:

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What is a Gopher? :P

This is quite sad

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