I learned more in one hour than in 3 weeks

Posted by Ogelbeh at 11:50 PM on 5/27/2018 EST:

My math teacher has repeatedly failed me both as a teacher and in test scores this year. Because exams are coming up I took my education into my own hands, as a responsible student would have done long before now, and I got on chrome during a couple hour car drive. I downloaded 3 images and learned right then and there what my teacher failed to teach me in a month. Tomorrow I will be mastering another math subject and my exam is on wednesday. I feel oddly confident, but at the same time I lack the mental capacity to fully comprehend the consequences I may face in the event that I fail. This will end well. God speed.

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If I were to grade you for this post; you’d get an F.

Don't die

@ModernFeelGames why?
@herronjo why?

Witch Academia KYYYYYAAA

@Ogelbeh you'd get an F for one reason; the attatchment

oof i forgot i was logged in as Anon xD

Fix the id issue herronjo
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